How To "Automatically" Sort Through 2.6 Billion People In Order To Find Your Ideal Clients...

Without Spending Money On EXPENSIVE ads That DON'T WORK!

Introducing ELMessenger Pro

Automate Your Outreach, Organize Your Messenger, and Create Engagement Automatically Tag, Message, Organize, Canned Responses, Filter Based on Last engaged,  and MORE!

Never Miss Another Opportunity 

Get more Sales, Keep more clients, Track your prospects through your Sales Process

Features of ELMessenger

ELMessenger Pro is a Chrome Extension that has been specifically created for busy entrepreneurs like you, that value their time and would like to generate more qualified leads and sales for their business...

...without having to do all the tedious tasks manually.

ELMessenger Pro lets you automate some of the most time-consuming & mundane tasks, without losing the organic and personal touch.

Send automated friend requests to targeted people in your niche, with a personalized welcome message with their first name, so you can focus your time on just the people that get back to you. 

Hypertarget members of a specific group, by adding a profile tag your dream customers identify themselves as (Affiliate Marketer, Founder, CEO, Coach, Self Employed etc.) 

Organize your messenger inbox by creating color-coded tags like “Follow Up”, “Hot Lead”, “Interested” etc. and tag people inside your Facebook messenger. You will know exactly who a person is and where that person is in your sales cycle.

Sort your leads based on a tag, which makes it super easy for you to follow up with them and never lose a sale because of not following up.

Send broadcast messages based on a specific tag, so you can save your time and don’t need to message them one by one.

ELMessenger Pro allows you to keep notes on people, so you never forget important information about a person.

Create Google calendar events from within the messenger, so you get reminded to follow up with someone.

Create message templates, which you can use as your personal clipboard, so you don’t have to re-write messages over and over again.

Let ELMessenger Pro automatically reply to comments on your CTA posts, based on a specific keyword (like "info" or whatever you like) and send them a personalized message with the info they requested.

"ELMessenger has literally changed the whole way I do organic marketing because of the advanced features that allow me to organize and tag all my friends & leads.​"

"If you are a business owner that uses Facebook to generate leads and you need a way to organize your leads in Messenger to convertem into sales, you definitely need this tool..."


Bonus #1: Step By Step Video Training

We want you to get started with this amazing software FAST. In order to do that, we will provide you with additional step by step video training on how to set the software up and how to use it to it's best ability.

Bonus #2: Industry Leading Support

As with any software, there can be hiccups from time to time. In order to get them resolved as quick as possible, we offer chat support and also support by the phone. Your issues will be fixed within 24 hours.

Bonus #3: Access To The Inner Circle Facebook Group

Networking is important. For that reason we have created an inner circle Facebook group where you can network with other users of the software, exchange strategies and get additional help and resources for your success.

Bonus #4: Live Over-The-Shoulder Training Within The Group

Every week, we go live at least twice and show you in real time how to use the software, new strategies to reach your target audience faster and any updates we might be working on. You can participate live in the calls, ask questions and get any help you need.

Try Free For 7 Days, then $497/Yearly (Save 48%)


Who is ELMessenger Pro for?

It doesn't matter if you are an affiliate marketer promoting high ticket programs, a network marketer working with a company or a coach & consultant looking for more clients... long as your audience is on Facebook, ELMessenger Pro is for you.

Is this really a $97 per month Value? Seems like you are just trying to over value this...

Is my Facebook account safe?

Yes. ELMessenger Pro was designed to mimic human behavior. There are randomized intervals on how long the extension will wait before doing the next task. Through message segments, the messages you are sending are unique and not simple "copy & paste" messages.

As long as you follow the guidelines we share with you inside, there is no way Facebook would detect or flag your account.

I am not really technical, is there some setup training?

Yes. There is step by step video training on how to set ELMessenger Pro up and use it to it's maximum efficiency. If you are still stuck or don't know what to do, you will be able to reach out to support and they will be able to help you out ASAP.

Will this work on Mac and Windows?

Yes. As long as you are using your Chrome browser, you will be able to use ELMessenger Pro on a Mac or Windows computer.

Is there an affiliate program for ELMessenger Pro?

No. We only have an exclusive reseller opportunity. When you become a partner of CloudKii, you will have the rights to resell any of our software and keep 100% of the profits. If that is something you want to know more about, message me on Facebook: or click here for more info

What if the software stops working due to changes of FB?

The developers are monitoring any updates Facebook is making to it's platform and find a way to work around it (if necessary).

While it might happen that due to a significant change, the software might stop working for a period of time, the developers will find a fix to it ASAP.

What is your refund policy?

You can try the software free for 7 days. We do NOT offer refunds. You can cancel your subscription any time.

How many friend requests can I send per day?

There is no cap on what ELMessenger Pro allows you to do. We haven't been able to "break the limits" of what is the maximum friend requests sent per day.

With that said, we do NOT encourage you adding more than 30-50 people per day. If you are just starting out on Facebook, take it slow and warm your profile up, before increasing the numbers.

Do I have to install anything?

ELMessenger Pro is a Chrome extension. Simply download the extension from the Chrome store, log in and you are ready to go!

How do I cancel my subscription if I don't like it?

Simply log into the membership you got access to and you will find a button saying "Update Your Credit Card". There you can cancel your subscription. OR simply message the partner who referred you to ELMessenger Pro and they will do it for you.

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Try Free For 7 Days, then $497/Yearly (Save 48%)

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